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1. Havana

2. New Prospect

3. Five Mile

4. Greensboro

5. Newbern

6. Hollow Square

7. German Creek

8. Forkland

9. Garret's Shop

10. Eutaw

11. Springfield

12. Knoxville

13. Union

14. Pleasant Ridge

15. Mount Hebron

16. Clinton

17. Boligee


Mantua Precinct

Settlers form Spartanburg, South Carolina came to Mantua in 1817 with William N. Morrow. The pre-1846 Morrow-Eatman House has been the home for 5 generations of the C. Irvin Eatman family. Mantua was part of Pickens County in the 1860’s when residents of six and one-half townships petitioned the State Legislature to become part of Greene County.

The town of Lewiston was founded by farmers and merchants and included the families named Carpenter, Eatman, Gandy, Hales, Harris, Hollingsworth, Jones, King, Leavelle, Morgan, Morrow, Price, Richardson, Sanders, Scarbrough and others associated with the Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church and cemetery.