Old Erie, original county
seat for Greene County


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1. Havana

2. New Prospect

3. Five Mile

4. Greensboro

5. Newbern

6. Hollow Square

7. German Creek

8. Forkland

9. Garret's Shop

10. Eutaw

11. Springfield

12. Knoxville

13. Union

14. Pleasant Ridge

15. Mount Hebron

16. Clinton

17. Boligee


Hollow Square

Hollow Square was originally a part of Greene County until 1867 when the precincts to the east of the Warrior River became a part of Hale County. Erie, the original county seat for Greene County, was located in Hollow Square, on the banks of the Warrior River. The county seat moved to Eutaw in 1838 after flooding and bouts of Yellow Fever forced removal of the county seat.


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