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Voter Precincts


1. Havana

2. New Prospect

3. Five Mile

4. Greensboro

5. Newbern

6. Hollow Square

7. German Creek

8. Forkland

9. Garret's Shop

10. Eutaw

11. Springfield

12. Knoxville

13. Union

14. Pleasant Ridge

15. Mount Hebron

16. Clinton

17. Boligee


Greene County Voter Precincts

Greene County was divided into the voter precincts as shown on the maps and in V. Gayle Snedecor's 1855-56 directory. The Mantua Precinct was added from Pickens County in 1867 when the precincts to the east of the Warrior river became Hale county.

Garret's Shop was renamed to Tishabee and a precinct was added for West Greene (between Pleasant Ridge and Mount Hebron) by the 1870 census. The Greene voter precincts remained basically the same through the 1930 census.

Snedecor's Greene County Directory is available on and can occasionally be found for purchase on AbeBooks.Com. Snedecor's maps are available online at the University of Alabama's Historical Maps Archive.


Mantua Precinct (not on Snedecor 1855-56 Maps) Pleasant Ridge Precinct Union Precinct Knoxville Precinct Clinton Precinct Mount Hebron Precinct Springfield Precinct Boligee Precinct Eutaw Precinct Garrets Shop (now Tishabee) Precinct Forkland Precinct German Creek Precinct (now in Hale County) Newbern Precinct (now in Hale County) Hollow Square Precinct (now Hale) Greensboro Precinct (now in Hale County) Five Mile Precinct (now in Hale County) New Prospect Precinct (now in Hale County) Havana Precinct (now in Hale County)