Greene Co, AL Deeds of Samuel Morrow
Documenting Prior Slave Emancipation

[Contributed by Catherine Cooper]

Greene Co., AL Deeds Vol. A, pgs. 215-216

To all to whom there Presents shall come, know ye that I Samuel Morrow of the State of South Carolina, Spartanburg County for divers [sic] good causes, and considerations moving me to do by virtue of there presents, set free, and at liberty, my negro wench Polly from and immediately after the Date of these presents. I do declare my self to have no right or claim to her, but, that she be her own woman, at all times hereafter. And lastly I do hereby order pronounce and declare the said negro wench, Polly, discharged, and freed, from me, my Heirs, and all and every other person, or persons, as fully and absolutely to be a Free Woman to all intents and purposes as if she had been always so, desiring and informing all persons, to take notice of her, as such. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and seal, this 9th day of September in the year of Lord, one Thousand, seven Hundred, and Ninety Three

Signed Sealed and acknowledged
In presence of us Samuel Morrow (seal)
Wm Smith
Jason Moor
Brittian Williford

South Carolina
Spartanburgh County

The within is legally recorded in the clerks office of said county in Book C, page 191, this 17th day of Octobert AD 1793. By Jno Lancaster D.C.
W Lancaster C. S. C.

Greene Co., AL Deeds Vol. A, pg. 217

South Carolina
Spartanburgh District

Personally came before me Maj Samuel Morrow who being sworn in due form of laws on his oath saith that George Morrow a free man of colour was raised and brought up by this deponent that he is the son of Polly a free woman of colour who was emancipated by Samuel Morrow the uncle of this deponent that the said George was born since the emancipation of his mother, and is now upwards of seventy one years of age, to that by the ___ of the state the said George is a free man, and is entitled to all the privileges and immunities of free persons of his colour.
Sworn to ___ Subscribed Saml Morrow
Before me 21st Nov. 1821- The above George was
Thomas Poole J. ? born December the
25th 1798
Saml Morrow
The State of South Carolina

Spartanburgh District
I Elisha Boman, clark of the court of General Sessions and Common pleas for the District & States aforesaid do certify that Thomas Poole Esquire whose attestation appears above is an acting Justice of the _________ for the District & state, aforesaid duly appointed & qualified; that all due faith & credit are an ought to be given to him in all his attestations as such. Given under my hand and the seal of the said court this 21st day of November 1821.

The Seal of the Court E. Boman, C. C. S. D.