Early Grave Stone Carvers in or Near Greene County, Alabama

The following gravestone carvers were identified by their signature on graves in cemeteries in or near Greene County, Alabama. Please email the webmasters if you have additional information to share regarding these carvers or additional carvers in or near Greene County.

A. Herd, Eutaw, Alabama

Tombstone of Anderson Greenwood signed by Alexander Herd in Mesopotamia Cemetery, Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama

Herd & Bros


This signature was found in Old Bethany Cemetery, in Pickens County, Alabama. Five Herd brothers emigrated from Scotland: George, Alexander, David, John and Thomas. George, David and John resided in the Sylacauga "Marble Belt" in Talladega County. Alexander made his home in Eutaw where the present Greene County Historic Society resides in the Vaughn house. Thomas settled in Coosa County and eventually returned to Scotland. The Herd brothers were the first to quarry marble in Alabama.

G. Herd, Alabama



This signature was found in St. Clair Co., Alabama in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. It is believed to be that of Alexander Herd's brother George.

R. Miller, or R & C Miller, Columbus, Mississippi


Signature found in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Greene Co., Ala

The R & C Miller signature is on the tombstone of Mary Dunlap in Mesopotamia Cemetery in Eutaw. Richard and Cornelius Miller were brothers that emigrated from Scotland in the 1830s. Richard co-owned a marble quarry in Talladega County, Alabama with George Herd. Richard moved to Columbus, Mississippi in 1846.

Thomas H. Holt, Birmingham, Alabama


Born 1833, died 1896



Thomas Holt's signature has been found in Greene, Pickens and Jefferson Counties.

B. J. Hughes, Vienna, Alabama


This signature was found in Old Bethany Cemetery in Pickens County, Alabama