Bigbee Cemetery

Pleasant Ridge, Greene County, Alabama

From the Journal of Mrs. Mary G. Marshall

[Submitted by Scott Owens ]

Augustus G. son of J.M. and E. J. Hutton b. Sept. 23, 1841-Jan. 7, 1898 (**Mrs. Hatterís brother)

Eliza Hutton b. Bibb Co. Ala. May 15, 1818, Greene Co. Ala. wife of Augustus Hutton

John N. (Newton) Hutton b. Abbeville Dist. S.C. June 3, 1807 D. Greene Dec. 11, 1877

John A. son of John N. & Eliza J. Hutton. B. Aug. 24, 1849-June 30, 1852

Sallie A. Hutton Hatter 1848-1926

Richard N. Hatter 1871-1926

Geo. Hill son of John S. and Della McGowan b. July 26, 1869-Jan. 17, 1870

In an Iron Fence Enclosure

David H. Williams M.D. Oct. 25, 1827-Feb 3, 1907

Eugenia Florida Williams b. Hopewells Greene Co. (**P.O. in 1854) Ala. Feb 4, 1832 d. Gainesville Mar. 2, 1910

Clarence Williams b. Feb. 6, d. Dec. 17, 1865 2nd son of Dr. D.H. and E. F. Williams

Little Benji and Little Bessie

Aquilla D. Hutton M.D. b Abbeville Dist. S.C. Apr 8, 1805 d. Greene Co., Ala. Dec. 6, 1852

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Hutton b. July 22, 1813 Edgefield Dist. S.C. (**born Tutt)

Married Feb. 2, 1831 to Aquilla D. Hutton M.D. d. Feb. 1, 1854.

Joseph A. Hutton died from diarrhea Oct. 10, 1850 b. Oct. 15, 1833.

Alonzo Hutton 2nd son of A.D. & E. H. Hutton

Cornelia Adon 2nd dau. B Apr 18, 1838 died of congestive fever Sept 1, 1842

John R. son of G. M. and Elizabeth Trantham. June 27, 1818-Sept 19, 1826

Frances Wilkes d 1834 age 66 b. about 1779

"Our Emmett", son of R. F. and M.A. Stuart age 5

Martha Dirrut dau. Of J. and M. T. Greer aged 2

James Francis son of J. and M. T. Greer aged 2

William H. H. Stone native of Greeneville Dist. S.C. son of Banister Stone.
b. Mar 13, 1814, d. July 14, 1835, in 22nd year.
(** Martha Dirrut White)

Alexander Thompson native of S.C. Feb 6, 1774- Oct 18, 1848 (**near Wilkes)

Elethe (**or Alettia in 1850 Census) Ann wife of Wm. F. Bell and dau. Of Andrew and

Sophie Brownlee b. in Lowndes Co., Miss. July 10 1830-Sept 29, 1850

Sophia Brownlee wife of Andrew Brownlee b 1810-d. May 4, 1852

William S. Brownlee son of Andrew and Sophia Brownlee b 1839 d. 1849

Mrs. Mary Kirkland Mar. 26, 1844 age 70 yrs. 6 mo. 4 da.

Elizabeth B. consort of Dr. Burell Huggins dau. Of Isaac and Mary Kirkland

Amos Tims b Chester Dist, S.C. b Aug. 31, 1771 d Pickens Co Dec. 29, 1867

Mary Finns dau. of Thomas L and Elly Cabeen b. Aug.1777 d. Nov. 29, 1824

Robert Craig b. June 28, 1800 d. Oct. 18, 1860.

Catherine C. Criag wife of Robert Craig. Feb 18, 1797-July 8, 1856
(**one James Craig settled in Athens, Ala about 1800.)

Cornelia Jane Craig dau. of Robert and Catherine Craig Nov 23, 1829-Oct 23, 1831

James Newton Craig. Son of R. & C.C. Craig May 24, 1837- October 13, 1841

Augusta Dawn Craig dau. of Robert & Catherine Craig June 1, 1834-Sept 20, 1842

Marcellus Octavius Craig b. Mar. 19, 1832- Sept. 1, 1842 son of Robert and Catherine Craig

Gen. Joseph Hutton d. Aug. 30, 1823 of Cholera Morbus age 56
**He married Nancy Calhoun 1st cousin o statesman John C. Calhoun & consort of Gen Joseph Hutton, died after a few days illness with congestive fever. Age 67.
(Note: The above statement by Mrs. Marshall is only a part of the tomb information. Also, the grave of Nancy Agnes Calhoun daughter of William and Agnes Long Calhoun is at the foot of her husband. In 1978, my husband and I found her headstone under eight inches of silt and debris. Today, it rests beside her husbands headstone. His tomb reads as follows:
"Sacred to the memory of Geníl Joseph Hutton: who departed this life after a few days illness from Cholera Morbus on the 30th of Aug. 1823 aged 53 yrs 8 mo. 2 days. He immigrated from S. Carolina Abbeville Dist. To this State in April 1822. He was for several years prior to his death an exemplary member of the Presbyterian Church Vale! Vale!"

Nancy Agnes Calhoun
Her tomb reads as follows:
"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Nancy, consort of Geníl Joseph Hutton, who departed this life after a few days illness of congestive fever on the 5th of Sept. 1840, aged 67 years & 8 days. She was for many years before her death, an exemplary member of the Presbyterian Church.
"How blest the righteous when they die!
When sinless a weary soul to rest
How mildly beam the closing eyes
How gently heaves the expiring breast

Mary H. Tilman wife of D. W. Tilman b. April 28, 1800-May 30, 1824
(Mary was sister of Joseph Hutton)
Tomb reads as follows:
Mary H. Tilman, wife of D. W. Tilman, born April 28, 1800, Died May 30, 1824,
aged 24 years.
"Rest sweet Mother, Jesus took thee,
We shall greet thee here no more.
He sent an Angel Safe to waft thee
To a brighter, better shore."

Dan W. Tilman husband of Melissa Tilman b Union Dist. S.C. July 19, 1800-Nov 10, 1830. Tomb reads as follows:
In Memory of Dan. W. Tilman, husband of Melissa Tilman, born in Union District, S.C. July 19, 1800, and departed this life, Nov. 10, 1830.
"Thou art at rest where storms can vex no more.
When shall we meet again and kiss away
The tears of joy in one eternal day."

Mrs. Justinia Virginia Clanton Dec 4, 1839-Mar. 20, 1857

John Moore Hill b. Feb 22, 1843-Feb. 18, 1853

William Judge Hill Jan 19, 1837- Nov 30, 1845

Mrs. Rebecca S. Saunders Feb 22, 1821- Jan9, 1894

Thomas Jefferson Hill Aug. 6, 1834- July 10, 1853

Inf. Son May 23, 1848-Dec 30, 1848. Children of Geo. W. and Sara A. Hill
(**connected with Nathaniel Greene)

Sevilla N. Hill (Sevilla Roden) d. July 23, 1844 b. ca. 1759 86 yrs. of age
Widow of Moses Hill Esq. who died in Fairfield District, S.C. July 1, 1821 in 63rd yr. b. 1758.

Martha A. Pearson wife of Moses H. Pearson b. Dec 29, 1828-Mar. 19, 1848
(**Jolly, I think)

Mary Thompson wife of Alexander Thompson d. Feb. 1842 aged 67

Mrs. Sara R. Hill d Dec. 23, 1864

Rebecca C. Hill, wife of Dr. T. DeGraffenried b. Dec 20, 1807, married to Dr. Mar 25, 1828 and died of Billious Fever Aug. 11, 1842 leaving fond and affectionate husband, 3 sons, and an infant daughter. She was daughter of Moses Hill Esq. of Fairfield dist. S.C. member of Methodist church nearly 20 years and died in peace.

Celestia F. S. dau. of Dr. T. DeGraffenreid b. Mar. 26, 1839-Aug. 12, 1842.

Rebecca H. dau. of Dr. T. DeGraffenried b. Feb 25, 1833-Aug. 15, 1842 of Bilious Fever

Elizabeth A. DeGraffenreid third and last of Dr. DeGraffenreid Aug. 23, 1841-died of Rheumatism of the Heart, July 16, 1857

John Calhoun son of John F. and Anne Eliza DeGraffenreid b. July 2, 1852-Apr. 26, 1854

Christopher M. son of J. F. and A. E. DeGraffenreid Nov 1, 1856-Sept 19, 1857.

Trezevant son of J. F. and A. E. DeGraffenreid b. Dec 4, 1858-Apr 22, 1859

John F. DeGraffenreid buried at Pleasant Ridge Mar 8, 1831-Apr 21, 1886

Aquilla H. Coleman son of Charles H. and Pricilla A. (**Hutton) Coleman
Sept 8, 1831-Dec.7, 1857

Priscilla Ann wife of Charles H. Coleman b Abbeville Dist. S.C. Dec 27, 1809-Dec 11, 1863 in Greene Co.
(**Priscilla Hutton I think)

Augustus Colemen son of Chas. and Priscilla

Harveys White

Laura A. E. White (**John Whiteís mother) (John White owned old Will Hardy home**)

Della Street Sept 8, 1796-Mar 22. 1951

Julia Ann Street Jan. 22, 1850-July 15, 1850

Wm. B. Wills erected by his wife E.M.W. d. June 20, 1840 of gunshot wounds. Oral will.

Wm Rutledge Aug. 7, 1843 aged 4 yrs. 2 mo. b. about 1839

Isaac Rutledge b. ca. 1811

Mary Kirkland

Mattie Kirkland

James Wills (Forkland) 32 Ky b. about 1818 d. 1840 (**son James)
(**Aunt Laura Rutledge b ca. 1846 (4 in 1850)

William Bryan son of T. and Catherine C. Bryan 1827-1830

W. L. Brown 1802-1821

Bryant Bizzelle son of James & Patience Bizzelle b Duplin Co. N.C. Apr 26, 1829 died in Sumter Feb 26, 1851 age 21 yrs 10 mo.

Elizabeth Bizzelle dau. of James & Patience Bizzelle b. 1827-1830

James Bizzelle 1802-1844

Elisha H. Bryan 1820-1842

James G. George d. Feb 10 1831 aged 59 yrs. b. ca. 1772

Nancy Wilmouth dau. of James G. & Permela George b. Aug. 5, 1840-Feb. 26, 1845
**Catherine C. Hutton m. Wm. T. Bryan then married Robert Craig in 1839

William Bryan son of Wim. T. and Catherine C. Bryan b. Nov 6, 1827-Jan. 27, 1846
(**Wm. T. Bryan b S.C. 1799 d. Aug. 1827 Stokes Cemetery Greene Co. Came to Greene 1820)

James C. son of James George & Permela Hutton Jan. 16, 1842-Sept. 7, 1846.


      This data, like each new piece of information, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence & it is always best to consult original primary material for verification.