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Surnames Announcement
16 Jun 1823 Means


Married on Thursday June 5 by Rev. J. Hillhouse, Mr. James Means to Miss Eliza Patton, all of Greene County.
16 Jul 1823 McWhirter


Married Thursday last by Rev. Mr. Ryan, Mr. Moses M'Whirter (McWhirter) to Miss Elizabeth Tatum, all of Greene County.
17 Jul 1823 McDonald


Married Thursday evening the 9th, Mr. Allen M'Donald (McDonald) of Greensborough to Miss Kissiah Whitsett, daughter of L. Whitsett, Esq. of Greene County.
23 Dec 1879 Scott


The Alabama Whig and Observer, reprinted in Greene County Independent "Yesteryear" column, 19 January 2005


Married -- in Pickens County, on the 23rd of December, 1879 by the Rev. Mr. Hollingsworth, Mr. Mack Hollingsworth of Greene, Miss Rebecca Scott of Pickens.

22 Jan 1880 Lavender


The Alabama Whig and Observer, reprinted in Greene County Independent "Yesteryear" column, 19 January 2005


Married - Near Union, on the 31st ult., by Rev. T.F. Pendergrass, Mr. John D. Smith and Miss Ida M Lavender.

26 Feb 1880 Herndon


The Alabama Whig and Observer, reprinted in Greene County Independent "Yesteryear" column, 2 March 2005


A Quiet Wedding

A quiet wedding ceremony, which was rendered more attractive because of its simplicity, occurred at 7 o'clock last evening in the parlors of the residence of the Hon. Thos. H. Herndon, M. C. of Alabama No 515 Street north-west. The contracting parties were Miss Mary E Herndon, daughter of the Representatives, and Mr. Richard P. Deshon, chaplain of the Senate, before who the couple stood unattended, and were united according to the Presbyterian service. The bride was attired in a modest and tasteful toilette of white, with satin and lace trimmings and bridal veil decorated with orange blossoms. The invitations were confine to the Alabama delegation in Congress and a few intimate friends. embracing representatives Sanford, Herbert, Williams, Shelley, Forney and Lewis, colleagues of Mr. Herndon in the House with their families; Senators Morgan and Prior also of Alabama.

Representative Carlisle of Kentucky and family; Representatives Culberson and Wellborn of Texas, and families and others. The bride was the recipient of many handsome and valuable presents, prominent among which was a basket containing an elegant silver service, presented by the Alabama Delegation. After an informal reception, Mr. and Mrs. Deshon departed on an extended eastern bridal tour.

29 Sep 1880 White


Married- In Sumter county, on the 19th ult., by the Rev. J. E. White., Rev. Isaac White, of Clinton, and Miss M. E. Greene of Sumter.
3 Oct 1880 Schottenfels


Married - At the residence of the bride's mother, at 4 o'clock on Sunday, the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Jacob, of Meridan, Mr. J. Schottensfels and Miss Bettie Sanders, both of this place.

(The happy couple have our thanks for a portion of the bride's cake. May their future lives be crowned by happiness and prosperity.)

5 Oct 1880 Richardson


Married - on the 5th of Oct., 1880, at the residence of Mr. R. D. Templeton, by John W. Hardy, Esq., Mr. Amos Richardson of Miss., and Miss Nettie Wilson of Greene county, Alabama
9 Dec 1880 Slaughter


The Eutaw Whig and Observer, reprinted in Greene County Independent "Yesteryear" column, 15 December 2004.


Married - On the 9th inst., in Birmingham, by the Rev. J. A. Watson, Mr. Jobe Going, of Picken county and Miss Maude J. Slaughter, of Birmingham.

1929 Wilson



A marriage of much interest was quietly solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wilson Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o’clock by Rev. H. E. Davidson, when Miss Sarah Ella Wilson became the bride of Mr. Robert Halbert Gandy. The attendants, Miss Ruphy Gandy and Mr. Perry Wilson, entered first and following came the bride and groom. The bride was lovely in an exquisite gown of brown crepe with velvet trimmings to match. Miss Gandy wore a lovely gown of yellow crepe. After the ceremony a bountiful supper was served to many relatives at the home of the groom. The bride is the attractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wilson, who are widely connected in the county. The groom is the sterling son of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Gandy and a prosperous farmer.

We wish for them a long and happy life.
(Note: Robert & Sarah Ella Gandy married in 1929. The announcement was in the Greene county Democrat.)


20 Mar 1930 Gandy


Greene County Democrat, reprinted in Greene County Independent "Yesteryear" column, 16 March 2005


Gandy -- Wilson
A wedding of much interest was solemnized Sunday, March 9, 1930 at ten o'clock, when Miss Ruphy Harris Gandy became the bride of Mr. James Perry Wilson, Rev. H. E. Davidson officiating. There were only a few relatives present. The bride is the lovely daughter of D. J. Gandy. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wilson. They will reside on his father's plantation. We wish for them a long prosperous and happy life.



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