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Precinct Cemetery Photo Map Burials
German Creek Arcola Family Cemetery ClickMap15
Greensboro Browns Cemetery ClickMap1
Havana China Grove Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Havana Clements Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Greensboro Cocke Cemetery ClickMap23
Havana Concord Cemetery ClickMap213
Hollow Square Erie Cemetery ClickMap7
Five Mile Five Mile Primitive Baptist Cemetery ClickMap173
Five Mile Green Hill Cemetery N/AMap2
Greensboro Greensboro Cemetery ClickMap785
Five Mile Harris Cemetery at old Gewin Place N/AMap5
New Prospect Harris Cemetery ClickMap92
Five Mile Havana Cemetery ClickMap80
New Prospect Jones Cemetery ClickMap33
Havana Liberty United Methodist Church Cemetery ClickMap19
Havana Long Cemetery ClickMap5
Hollow Square Mays Cemetery ClickMap24
New Prospect Mount Hebron Cemetery ClickMap94
Five Mile Mount Hermon Church Cemetery ClickMap156
New Prospect Mount Zion Afro American Cemetery (Akron) ClickMap64
Havana Mount Zion Cemetery (Akron) ClickMap194
Five Mile Mulberry Cemetery #1 N/AMap3
Five Mile Mulberry Cemetery #2 N/AMap19
New Prospect Murfee Cemetery ClickMap10
Greensboro Nelson Family Cemetery N/AMap12
New Prospect New Prospect Cemetery (see Mt. Zion Akron) N/AMap36
Newbern Newbern Cemetery ClickMap328
Newbern Newbern McCray Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Havana Norris Graveyard N/AMap5
Five Mile Oak Hill Cemetery (Moundville) ClickMap74
Hollow Square Pickens Cemetery at Umbria Plantation N/AMap20
Havana Pisgah Cemetery N/AMap16
German Creek Prairieville -- St Andrews Episcopal Cemetery ClickMap90
Greensboro Randolph Family Cemetery N/AMap3
Five Mile Star of Bethlehem N/AMapN/A
Greensboro Stokes Cemetery ClickMap126
Hollow Square Stringfellow Family Cemetery N/AMap22
Havana Travis Cemetery N/AMap2
Five Mile Tucker Cemetery ClickMapN/A
New Prospect Wedgeworth Cemetery -- see Mt. Zion Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Five Mile Whatley Cemetery N/AMap7
Havana Williams Cemetery (Akron) ClickMap39
New Prospect Wilson Cemetery ClickMap27

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