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Precinct Cemetery Photo Map Burials
Clinton Alexander Cemetery ClickMap3
Forkland Arington Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Barber Place Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Springfield Barnes Rancher Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Beck Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Boligee Bell Cemetery (Pinetree Hunting Club Property) N/AMap11
Boligee Bethlehem Cemetery (Boligee) ClickMapN/A
Springfield Bethlehem Cemetery (Springfield) ClickMapN/A
Boligee Bethsalem Cemetery ClickMap181
Union Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery ClickMap510
Eutaw Beulah Cemetery (Eutaw) N/AMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Bigbee Cemetery AKA Pleasant Grove, White ClickMap95
Forkland Bird Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Birdine Cemetery ClickMap8
Forkland Blocker Hill Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Boligee Boatright Cemetery ClickMap15
Boligee Boligee Episcopal Church Cemetery ClickMap150
Garrets Shop Bowers Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Bragg Cemetery N/AMap2
Forkland Brasfield Cemetery AKA Fleming Grave Yard N/AMap49
Clinton Brickyard Cemetery ClickMap47
Garrets Shop Brown Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Cameron Cemetery ClickMap22
Mount Hebron Canaan Shore N/AMapN/A
Knoxville Cedar Grove Cemetery ClickMap21
Springfield Cockrell Cemetery - see Hicks Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Coleman Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Mount Hebron Collins Cemetery ClickMap65
Union Colvin Cemetery N/AMap7
Boligee Cook Cemetery (Boligee) N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Cooks Cemetery (Mt Hebron) N/AMapN/A
Forkland Cooks Chapel Methodist Cemetery (Forkland) N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Craig Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Crawford Cemetery ClickMap23
Forkland Creehill Cemetery AKA Hollaway N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Dallas Cemetery 1 (Garrets Shop) N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Dallas Cemetery 2 (Garrets Shop) N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Demount Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop DeVelle Memorial Cemetery - AKA Mount Pilgrim N/AMapN/A
Mantua Eatman Cemetery (Lewiston) ClickMap6
Clinton Eatman Cemetery (Clinton) ClickMap5
Clinton Ebenezer Cemetery (Clinton) ClickMap410
Forkland Ebenezer Cemetery (Forkland) N/AMapN/A
Mantua Ellis Family Cemetery N/AMap3
Eutaw Eutaw Cemetery ClickMap7
Forkland Forkland Methodist Church Cemetery ClickMap94
Forkland Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Gay Cemetery N/AMap102
Mount Hebron Gotes Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Eutaw Grassdale Cemetery ClickMap71
Springfield Greenon Cemetery AKA Pine Grove Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Eutaw Grimm Chapel - see New Christian Baptist Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Grove Cemetery or Grover Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Hard Bargain Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Harris Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Clinton Harrison Cemetery ClickMap3
Boligee Hays Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Boligee Hays Mount Area - Unknown #1 ClickMap29
Boligee Hays Mount Area - Unknown Cemetery #2 ClickMapN/A
Mantua Hebron Presbyterian Church Cemetery ClickMap273
Mantua Henderson Cemetery AKA Hinton Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Springfield Hicks Cemetery AKA Cockrell Cemetery ClickMap7
Mount Hebron Hill Cemetery (Mt Hebron) N/AMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Hill Cemetery (Pleasant Ridge) N/AMapN/A
Clinton Hogley Wood Cemetery aka Harkness ClickMapN/A
Union Hopewell Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Horton Cemetery (Jesse) ClickMap29
Pleasant Ridge Horton Cemetery (William) ClickMap33
Mantua Hughes Cemetery ClickMap6
Pleasant Ridge Hutton Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Springfield John Hall Family Cemetery ClickMap10
Union Johnson Hill Methodist Church Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Pleasant Ridge Jones Cemetery ClickMap5
Boligee Kirksey Cemetery (Boligee) N/AMapN/A
Forkland Kirksey Cemetery (Forkland) ClickMapN/A
Knoxville Knoxville Cemetery AKA New Hope ClickMap206
Forkland Lewis Cemetery ClickMap2
Garrets Shop Little Zion Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Lloyd Chapel Cemetery AKA Floyd Chapel N/AMapN/A
Forkland Logan Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Forkland Longer Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mantua Lyons Family Cemetery ClickMap8
Mount Hebron Macedonia Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mantua Mantua Cemetery ClickMap42
Springfield McGiffert Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Springfield Meriwether Family Graveyard N/AMap26
Springfield Meriwether Spencer Cemetery N/AMap14
Eutaw Mesopotamia Cemetery (Oak Hill) ClickMap1866
Union Mobley Cemetery (Union) N/AMap30
Pleasant Ridge Mobley Cemetery ClickMap14
Mount Hebron Morgan Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery (Forkland) N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery (Mt Hebron) ClickMap15
Mount Hebron Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery (Mt Hebron) ClickMap5
Boligee Mount Bethel Cemetery AKA Arron Cemetery ClickMap7
Mantua Mount Moriah Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery ClickMap5
Garrets Shop Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Knoxville Mount Pleasant C.M.E. Church Cemetery ClickMap153
Boligee Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery (Boligee) ClickMapN/A
Mount Hebron Mount Zion Cemetery (Smith Lake Road) N/AMapN/A
Boligee Mount Zoar Baptist Church Cemetery ClickMap2
Garrets Shop Neal Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Springfield New Bethany Cemetery ClickMap10
Eutaw New Christian Cemetery AKA Grimm Chapel Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland New Evening Star Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland New Green Oak Baptist Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton New Light Baptist Church Cemetery (Partial) ClickMap19
Mount Hebron New Mount Hebron - see Mount Hebron Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mantua New Zion Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Norwood Cemetery ClickMap7
Garrets Shop Nott Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery (Clinton) ClickMap51
Mount Hebron Oak Hill Cemetery (Mount Hebron) N/AMapN/A
Forkland Old Green Oak Cemetery ClickMap20
Mount Hebron Old Mount Hebron Cemetery ClickMap45
Union Old Salem Cemetery ClickMap8
Union Old Shiloh Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Union Otterson Cemetery ClickMap14
Forkland Owens Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Knoxville Parham Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Union Pendergrass Place/Unknown Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Eutaw Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery - Eutaw ClickMapN/A
Forkland Pine Grove CME Baptist Church Cemetery - Forkland ClickMap7
Clinton Pippen Cemetery on Hwy 14 N/AMap8
Clinton Pippen Lawn Cemetery ClickMap38
Clinton Pippen Place Cemetery ClickMap41
Mantua Pleasant Grove (near Jena) ClickMap100
Clinton Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Afro-American) ClickMap207
Clinton Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery ClickMap449
Pleasant Ridge Pleasant Ridge Cemetery ClickMap312
Mount Hebron Pleasant Valley Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Pyle Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Union Reynolds Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Rhoden Cemetery ClickMap5
Clinton Rice Cemetery ClickMap15
Knoxville Roberts Family Cemetery ClickMap9
Forkland Rose Chapel Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Saint John Baptist Church Cemetery (partial) ClickMap28
Forkland Saint Johns in the Prairie Episcopal Ch Cemetery ClickMap38
Boligee Saint Luke Baptist Church Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Union Saint Marys Methodist Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Forkland Saint Matthew Baptist Church Cemetery (Forkland) N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Saint Matthew Baptist Church Cemetery (Garrets) N/AMapN/A
Boligee Saint Paul Baptist Church Cemetery (Boligee) ClickMapN/A
Springfield Saint Paul Methodist Church Cemetery (Springfield) N/AMapN/A
Union Salem Methodist Church Cemetery ClickMap140
Mount Hebron Sardis Cemetery ClickMap161
Mantua Screptah Cemetery (partial) ClickMap9
Mantua Shiloh Cemetery AKA New Shiloh Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Mantua Sixteenth Section Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Springfield Smith Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Speed Quarters Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Clinton Spencer Cemetery (Clinton) N/AMapN/A
Mount Hebron Spencer Cemetery (Mt Hebron) N/AMapN/A
Knoxville Spencers Cemetery (Knoxville) ClickMap11
Garrets Shop Springhill Baptist Church Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Eutaw Steele Cemetery (see Mesopotamia Cemetery) N/AMapN/A
Forkland Strawberry Hill N/AMap24
Boligee Taylor Cemetery (Boligee) N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Taylor Cemetery (Garrets Shop) N/AMapN/A
Garrets Shop Thornhill Plantation Cemetery ClickMap10
Union Union Baptist Church Cemetery AKA Burton Hill ClickMap12
Union Union Christian Church Cemetery ClickMap255
Boligee Unknown Cemetery 69 (Boligee Area) N/AMapN/A
Springfield Walker Cemetery ClickMap63
Eutaw Walton Cemetery ClickMap9
Forkland Watson Cemetery ClickMap9
Mount Hebron Williams Cemetery ClickMap113
Forkland Wills Cemetery ClickMap14
Eutaw Zion Brush Creek Church Cemetery ClickMapN/A
Eutaw Zion Friendship Cemetery N/AMapN/A
Mantua Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery ClickMap35

173 cemeteries found.

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