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80 Burials, Havana Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Ashe, Eliza J 179419 May 1871ClickClick
-0Ashe, Henrietta 24 Jul 182518 Mar 1893ClickClick
-0Avery, Eugene Davis 18501921NAClick
-0Avery, Kate [Fagan]13 Oct 185302 Jan 1934NAClick
-0Caldwell, Francis C 26 Oct 186016 Apr 1924NAClick
-0Caldwell, R J 18831905NAClick
-0Campbell, David 31 Jan 175915 Apr 1846ClickClick
-0Campbell, Robert M Mar 1849 Nov 1849NAClick
-0Campbell, William 28 Oct 182004 Oct 1875ClickClick
-0Duncan, John Andrew 02 Dec 186217 Feb 1934NAClick
-0Duram, R R 09 Nov 182429 Mar 1893NAClick
-0Elliott, John 08 Jul 178229 May 1847ClickClick
-0Fagan, Annie Avery 19 Jan 184517 Sep 1925NAClick
-0Fagan, Callie P 03 Sep 184922 May 1896NAClick
-0Fagan, Edward A 18471930NAClick
-0Fagan, Mary 22 Jun 183703 Sep 1921NAClick
-0Fagan, William Long 20 Nov 183827 May 1914NAClick
-0Farley, Seth 18341891NAClick
-0Fulton, R C 18351906NAClick
-0Fulton, S. H. C. 18411897NAClick
-0Hollis, M W 18 Dec 187302 Sep 1900NAClick
-0Holston, C A 01887NAClick
-0Holston, J W 01887NAClick
-0Jones, A P 24 Nov 184903 Dec 1898NAClick
-0Jones, Pickney 00NAClick
-0Jones, Taniariah 00NAClick
-0Lavender, Grace Elliott 25 Jul 189727 Aug 1988ClickClick
-0Lavender, Johnny 16 Mar 188313 Jul 1893ClickClick
-0Lavender, Mary Ella 14 Aug 186925 Nov 1895NAClick
-0Lavender, Thomas Madison 24 Apr 186212 Feb 1912NAClick
-0Lavender, Walter Pierce 27 Sep 189408 Jul 1970ClickClick
-0Mackey, C F 00NAClick
-0Mackey, E B 00NAClick
-0Madison, Marcilla 30 Oct 181814 Mar 1893ClickClick
-0Martin, Caldonia Elizabeth 20 Mar 185530 Dec 1930ClickClick
-0Martin, Eugenia Bell 08 Nov 188507 Nov 1905ClickClick
-0Martin, James Calvin 07 Aug 185428 May 1917ClickClick
-0McCrory, James Monroe 18651948ClickClick
-0McCrory, Kate Hollis 18711953ClickClick
-0McCrory, Mary Ann 18261910ClickClick
-0McCrory, Dr. William 11 Jul 180403 Feb 1890ClickClick
-0McKane, Sarah 08 Dec 179210 Nov 1852ClickClick
-0Owens, Dr. W H 18421898NAClick
-0Peary, Mrs. 18591892NAClick
-0Perry, Josiah 01831ClickClick
-0Perry, Mary 01819ClickClick
-0Pickett, Ann Eliza [Ashe]27 Aug 181723 Oct 1882ClickClick
-0Poole, Mary Kate 11 Sep 185713 Oct 1883ClickClick
-0Pool, Josephine H [Hutt]08 Jun 185101 Jan 1877ClickClick
-0Ramey, Sarah Alice [Elliott]30 Mar 187321 Aug 1918ClickClick
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