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124 Burials, Stokes Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Arrington, Carter 01906ClickClick
-0Arrington, Charles Clifton Sr 17 Aug 188811 Mar 1937ClickClick
-0Arrington, Eva 24 Jun 188019 Jul 1898ClickClick
-0Arrington, Rachael 30 Apr 185127 May 1901ClickClick
-0Baldwin, Harriet Fields 026 Sep 1838ClickClick
-0Bestor, Eliza D 0 Nov 1835ClickClick
-0Bird, William S 29 Feb 182804 Sep 1840ClickClick
-0Boardman, Emma 05 Dec 185110 Dec 1852ClickClick
-0Boardman, Margaret [Locke]13 Apr 18180ClickClick
-0Boykin, Miss Ella V 01928NAClick
-0Boykin, Susie Martin 16 Oct 188820 Apr 1928ClickClick
-0Boykin, Victoria 07 May 191424 Apr 1928ClickClick
-0Breitenbach, Robert 01906NAClick
-0Bryan, William T 1799 Aug 1827NAClick
-0Buchanan, Jane 01897ClickClick
-0Carden, Susie Martin [Boykin]01928NAClick
-0Drake, Mary L 27 Jul 184631 Aug 1847NAClick
-0Drake, Thomas C 10 Jul 183405 Oct 1842NAClick
-0Eddins, Daniel 01854ClickClick
-0Eddins, Elizabeth [Shivers]021 Jan 1850ClickClick
-0Eddins, Henrietta 004 Mar 1852ClickClick
-0Eddins, Jo Ann Oct 1837 Jun 1838NAClick
-0Eddins, Nancy C 0 Jun 1838NAClick
-0Eddins, Thomas 03 Nov 180824 Feb 1850ClickClick
-0Eddins, William D 0 Apr 1849ClickClick
-0Gowan, James 25 Oct 180926 Oct 1844NAClick
-0Hamilton, Jesse 01882NAClick
-0Hillhouse, Mrs. Emily 029 Jun 1835ClickClick
-0Hillhouse, Rev. J Mar 178917 Nov 1835ClickClick
-0Hillhouse, Nancy C 022 May 1830ClickClick
-0Huckabee, Elizabeth A 08 Oct 1799 Oct 1841ClickClick
-0Huckabee, George 09 May 182402 Mar 1851NAClick
-0Huckabee, George F 182109 Oct 1836NAClick
-0Huckabee, Greene H 09 Apr 178826 Oct 1836ClickClick
-0Huckabee, James Aug 1765 Oct 1851NAClick
-0Huckabee, James Johnston 31 Mar 181813 Oct 1854NAClick
-0Huckabee, Mary F 009 Oct 1836NAClick
-0Hutt, Mrs. Bishop [Martin]01925NAClick
-0Hutt, Bishop 01930NAClick
-0Johnston, Eliza A 01 Apr 180720 Nov 1868ClickClick
-0Johnston, George M 06 Jun 180005 Sep 1834ClickClick
-0Johnston, Thomas M 19 Feb 180225 Mar 1869ClickClick
-0Jones, Caroline [Johnston]01 Oct 182827 Jun 1852ClickClick
-0Jones, Eugenea 00ClickClick
-0King, Arry Vallie 26 Jan 187903 May 1912ClickClick
-0Lawrence, Jesse 11 Feb 183907 Jun 1915ClickClick
-0Lawrence, Sarah 08 Aug 183120 Feb 1925ClickClick
-0Lewis, Mary Eliza [Foreman]27 Mar 181024 Sep 1840ClickClick
-0Locke, Eliza Jane 31 Jan 183930 Apr 1840ClickClick
-0Locke, George 00ClickClick
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